35 Easy Ways to Show Someone That You Care

Easy Ways to Show care

Know The Ways to Show Someone That You Care :

We all know how important it is to feel loved. As humans, being loved by friends, family, and romantic partners is in our nature.

Though, something that may not be as obvious is that expressing our love is also part of our nature.

We all have so much love to give, but sometimes we don’t quite know how to express that love in the right way. Still, just like how you want to be cared for by others, others want to be cared for by you.

Don’t keep them waiting! If there is someone in your life that you want to show you care, there are countless appropriate things you can do to express your love to them.

Sure you could wait for their birthday or a holiday to let them know how important they are to you. But with 365 days in a year, there are plenty of opportunities for meaningful gestures. So, use the following 35 suggestions to strengthen your relationships and spread the love.

1. Be an active listener

Nothing says “I care about you” like actively listening to everything someone has to say. When they talk to you, talk off of them and ask them questions to show them you find what they say important.

2. Don’t tap and chat

Phones are practically a 5th limb for some people these days. But whether you’re responding to an important email or just scrolling through Instagram, you’ll be distracted, and nobody wants to try having a conversation with a distracted person.

So, put your phone down and give the one you love your full attention when they talk to you.

3. Make time for them when they need you

Let them know that your doors, or phone line, is open to them in good times or bad. When they want someone to celebrate with, someone to cry with, or someone to give them advice, you should always be willing to offer them your help.

4. Communicate with them frequently

Sometimes life gets in the way of having frequent communication with someone, even if you care about them. Still, a simple check-in text every other day can go a long way.

5. Compliment them

This one’s pretty straightforward. Everyone loves compliments, so try dishing a few out. The more specific they are, the better.

6. Welcome deep conversations

If you think someone you care about has something on their mind, let them know that they can always talk to you. Be respectful and open to hearing what they have to say.

Easy Ways to Show care

7. Leave them notes

One playful way to show someone you’re thinking of them is to leave them notes. Flirty, funny, romantic, playful, or thoughtful notes will brighten their day and put a smile on their face.

8. Watch their favorite movies and shows

We all have lists of shows we’ve been meaning to watch but can never quite get around to. Well, if someone you love suggests a show or movie to you, make sure it doesn’t end up on that list!
Watching something someone suggests to you will make them happy, and also opens the door to new conversations.

9. Read their favorite books

Just like how you should watch the things they suggest to you, try reading the books they suggest, too!

10. Send them a supportive text

If you know that they’re having a hard day, and you can’t be with them in person, sending them a supportive text is just the thing that will show them you’re thinking of them.

A text may be small, but it’s incredibly meaningful just the same.

11. Let them rant to you

Emotions can build and build and build until we feel just about ready to burst! So, sometimes, we just need to get things off our chests and rant.

When someone close to you is at their breaking point, let them know that you’re willing to hear about their problems.

12. Be a shoulder to cry on

Similarly, when the person you love is in a bad mood, be a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and overall, a person they can trust. If they’re ever feeling down, ask them how they are and show them that you care.

13. Be supportive of their decisions

Whether or not you agree with them, sometimes showing your support anyways is a great way to boost someone’s self-confidence

14. Open up to them

Relationships can’t become strong without vulnerability, and having deep conversations is a great way to open up. When you reveal meaningful things about yourself to someone, they’ll be touched knowing that you trust them so completely.

15. Hang out with their family and friends

If you want to show someone you’re in it for the long haul, make an effort to build relationships with the people in their life.

16. Introduce them to people in your life

Opening up your personal life to someone is a great way to show them that you want them to be in your inner circle.

17. Help them with errands

If they have chores to do or errands to run, they’ll likely appreciate it if you give them a hand. Help them clean their room, go grocery shopping, or wash their car. They’ll be happy to have the help.

18. Reminisce with them

If you and this person have history together, take some time to think back on the great memories you share. Bringing up something that happened to the two of you years ago will not only surprise them, but will tell them that those memories are important to you.

Easy Ways to Show care

19. Go on spur of the moment adventures

Being spontaneous keeps relationships exciting! And, being open to new adventures with someone shows them that you trust them and enjoy having fun with them.

20. Plan a trip with them

Bringing your relationship to a new location will teach you things about each other that you simply couldn’t have learned any other way.

Planning a trip with someone is a great exercise in trust that will lead to an adventure you two will remember for the rest of your lives.

21. Give them a hug

Romantic relationship or not, physical touch is an indication of emotional connection and trust. Giving someone a hug is a meaningful way to tell them you feel close to them.

22. Surprise them with gifts

Don’t wait for a holiday to get them a gift. If there’s something you know they’ll love, turn an average day into a special occasion with a thoughtful gift.

Easy Ways to Show care

23. Give them something hand-made

You don’t have to be a crafty person to make something for someone. A hand-made card, piece of jewelry, or drawing shows them that you took time out of your day to do something nice for them.

24. Tell them you’re grateful for them

When’s the last time you told the person you love that you’re grateful to have them in your life?

25. Plan new activities you can do together

You may have already found a great activity you can do together that you both enjoy, but anything can grow stale after a while. Try mixing up your get-togethers with new activities.

26. Get them their favorite snack

Simple, but effective! When they’re eating it, they’ll be thinking of you.

27. Let them pick the movie

You should always be open to the interests of those you care about. Let them introduce you to new movies, books, hobbies, activities, etc.

They’ll have fun showing you things they love, and your horizons will expand!

Easy Ways to Show care

28. Give them a meaningful nickname

Giving someone a nickname is a fun way to show them that they’re important to you. The best nicknames come from inside jokes.

29. Take their suggestions

Make sure you don’t ignore advice or suggestions given to you by someone you care about. Taking the ideas they offer you to heart will make them feel helpful and heard.

30. Let arguments go

Nothing gets in the way of a happy relationship like arguments and disagreements. Some arguing is healthy in relationships – and is to be expected – but sometimes it’s better to let arguments go when things are getting too heated. On a similar note, don’t hold grudges!

31. Be open to apologizing

It’s hard to admit that you’re wrong, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you do something to hurt the person you love, let them know that you’re sorry. If they don’t forgive you right away, keep at it. If your apology is sincere, they’ll come around.

32. Give them the benefit of the doubt

If they offer up an idea, don’t just push it aside. You may think it’s not great, but by keeping all of their ideas on the table, you’re letting them know that you respect them.

33. Celebrate their accomplishments

If the person you love accomplishes something, no matter how small, celebrate their hard work. Try sending them a fun “Congratulations!” text. You could even take them out to dinner or throw them a party – anything to let them know the work they do doesn’t go unnoticed.

34. Post a picture with them on social media

Shout your appreciation for this person from the rooftops! Telling others about your relationship lets everyone know that it’s important to you. By posting a photo of you and the one you care about on social media, for everyone to see, they’ll see loud and clear that you’re serious about your relationship.

35. Say “I love you”

This is probably the easiest point on this list. If you’re ever at a loss for how you can show someone you care about them, these three words are all you need.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. What’s great is that we all have the power to show our appreciation. Whether you want to express your love to a romantic relationship or to a platonic one, there are so many ways you can go about it. Don’t just assume that they know how much you care. Show them!

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