5 Ways Jewelry Affects Our Mood. You should know these.

5 Ways Jewelry Affects Our Mood

Know The Significance Of Wearing Jewelery

Jewelry isn’t just an object. When we wear a bracelet, a necklace, or a ring, we know that it isn’t just a piece of metal – it’s so much more than that. But why?

The act of wearing a decorative item on the body has been around since the beginning of human culture. Jewelry has acted as a symbol of heritage, art, status, and love throughout history and continues to do so today, though perhaps more subtly.

Today, the jewelry industry is massive and earns millions of dollars in revenue per year – mostly around the holidays. Jewelry is also one of the most overpriced accessories money can buy. Still, it remains just as popular as ever.

Whether we’re talking about an excessive $20,000 pair of Graff diamond earrings, or a more modest $50 pair, jewelry affects us in ways we may not be aware of.

This is why jewelry has steadily remained such a popular accessory. It’s not just a piece of metal, but a mood enhancer!

Next time you buy a piece of jewelry for yourself, or gift some to someone you love, think about the ways it can impact your daily life.

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  1. Jewelry can increase self-esteem
    One of the biggest purposes of jewelry is to make us feel good about ourselves. We use a piece of jewelry to finish off a look, or to complete a certain style that makes us feel confident. In doing so, our self-esteem can be given a boost.

    Jewelry may not be a cure for low self-esteem, but it can certainly help us to feel more attractive and more comfortable being ourselves. 
  2. Jewelry brings up memories

    Many pieces of jewelry hold significance that spawns from when we got them. Because of that, looking through a jewelry box can be like looking through a web of memories.

    We wear jewelry because it reminds us of the person who gave it to us, or who we bought it with. It can also bring back images of where we’ve worn it. Countless memories can lie within one single piece of jewelry, and wearing it can fill us with warmth and comfort.

    For those of us who find it important to hold on to memories and keep them alive, jewelry can be a great tool.

  3. Jewelry connects us to other people

    Similarly, wearing a piece of jewelry can make us feel closer to someone. Maybe that someone is the person who gave it to us, or the person we bought it with. Maybe it’s the person we wanted to impress with it. Whoever this person is, wearing that piece of jewelry can connect us to them, no matter how far apart we are.

    Also, the same piece of jewelry can be worn by multiple people. Think of friendship bracelets or Best Friends Forever necklaces. These pieces of jewelry were made specifically for the purpose of reminding you of someone you love.

     Love and friendship are powerful sentiments, and jewelry can emulate them in a powerful way.

  4. Jewelry reminds us of our ancestors

    Jewelry commonly becomes heirlooms that get passed down through generations of a family. When multiple generations of people have shared the same pieces of jewelry, they become increasingly more invaluable.

    Wearing an heirloom can make us feel proud to be who we are. Wearing great-grandma’s old clothes may not be possible without soliciting unwanted attention, but wearing a piece of her jewelry is a subtle way to remember and honor her legacy.

  5. Jewelry allows us to express ourselves

    The crafting of jewelry is an artform, and wearing it can be an artform, too. The way we choose to pair pieces of jewelry with certain outfits is one way that we use our bodies like canvases.

    We all have an idea of how we want to present ourselves and how we want to express our personalities to the world. Jewelry is one way we can add a bit of ourselves to our dailywear, and empower ourselves to be proud of who we are. Whether we’re going to a party, the office, a coffee shop, or are simply spending the day at home, jewelry helps us add another layer of personality to our outfits.

    Everybody is different, so, the reason one person chooses to wear jewelry will likely be different from someone else. Whether you wear jewelry to help you feel confident, to connect to old memories, to feel close to people you care about, or to express yourself, you have to admit that jewelry can play an important role in our lives.

    Whether it costs a fortune, or was free of charge, the value of jewelry is insurmountable when it has a positive effect on our happiness and well-being.

    Now you know several ways jewelry affects our mood.

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