6 Ways Husbands Take Their Wives for Granted

Husbands Take Their Wives for Granted

Nothing chips away at a marriage like the feeling that your spouse doesn’t appreciate all of the things you do. It’s frustrating and disheartening to think that the one person in your life who you do everything with is overlooking your hard work. Yet, this is something that most married people deal with.  

If someone ignores or dismisses the effort their spouse puts into their relationship, the spouse is being taken for granted. In other words, remember to be thankful for all the things your spouse does, or you’re in for a disenchanting marriage! 

If you think your husband is taking you for granted, or if you’re a husband who thinks that you might be taking your wife for granted, there are a few signs you should keep an eye out for.  

A husband might be taking their wife for granted if he... 

1. Focuses too much on other things 

A husband has a lot of things on his mind. From thoughts about his work, his hobbies, and all the chores he needs to get done, concerns for other people easily become afterthoughts. This is usually not done on purpose, but can still be hurtful to the people in their lives – especially their spouse! 

If a husband does not allow himself to think and reflect on his wife, all of the things she does for him gets forgotten. So, husbands must make sure to make space in their thoughts for the lady in their life. 

2. Doesn’t give her enough of his time 

When you’re stuck in a daily routine, as most spouses are, it’s easy to forget to put aside special time for your partner.  

Many times, husbands don’t bother spending meaningful time with their wives. They give excuses and push off conversations, assuming that they have all the time in the world to spend with their wives.  

Whether it’s simply talking about their day or going on a spur of the moment date, making time every day to give their wife their full attention is something that all husbands can do to stop taking their wives for granted.  

3. Doesn’t value her opinion  

Husbands Take Their Wives for Granted

One thing that often happens in a marriage is that one spouse will turn into a leader while the other is the follower. While certain dynamics like this can be healthy in any relationship, when it gets to the point of the leader not being open to the other’s opinions, something’s wrong.  

When a husband believes that his word is law and doesn’t value his wife’s opinion, or even if he just brushes away her ideas with no intentions of hurting her feelings, he is forgetting the key of a healthy, happy marriage.  

This key is collaboration. Marriage is about trust and being open with each other, and when a wife doesn’t feel that her ideas are appreciated, she feels overlooked and underappreciated.  

4. Forgets important relationship milestones  

Jotting down anniversaries of first dates or a marriage into a calendar each year is an amazing way to show your spouse that the progression of your relationship is important to you. On the other hand, when important anniversaries like these go unnoticed, it’s easy for the relationship to become too casual or stale.  

Husbands who ignore anniversaries aren’t giving their marriage enough thought. If this sounds like you, show your wife you don’t take your marriage for granted by remembering more relationship milestones. She’ll be impressed you remembered, and happy that you consider time spent with her a reason for celebration.  

5. Puts off his chores 

Husbands who put off their chores thinking that they’ll get to them later – or worse, thinking their wife will do the chores for them – are prone to disappointed, frustrated wives. 

Marriage is about unity, and that stays true even when talking about household chores. Not taking care of their side of the chores list is enough to show their wife that they don’t care about their marriage responsibilities.

6. Doesn’t care about romance 

One of the biggest ways husbands take their marriages for granted is by not letting their romantic side lead the way. All romantic relationships need romance to survive, and that includes marriages.  

No matter how long you’ve been married, whether that’s one year or 50, romantic husbands make happy wives. Remember, romantic gestures, sweet talk, and dates will let your spouse know that you still find your relationship with them exciting.  

Taking a spouse for granted is the best way to make your marriage feel dull and even tiresome. Yet, husbands often ignore this fact.  

With just a little bit of effort, a husband can turn his marriage from dull to radiant. To start, think back to the moment you first fell in love with your wife. Remember the fear you felt proposing to her, and the excitement of your wedding day. Think about just how grateful you are for your wife, and go from there.  

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