7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife That Say "I Love You"

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one can easily turn into a headache.

With birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays all calling for gift-giving, it’s hard to know what new gifts you could give that would bring a smile to your wife’s face. But gift-giving shouldn’t be so stressful!

As her partner, you know more about your wife than anyone else does. So take a few minutes to reflect on the person your wife is. What are her hobbies? What skills has she been working on? What has she been struggling with lately? What are her goals?

After answering those questions, try coming up with related gift ideas.

You could also appeal to your wife’s romantic/sentimental side by giving her a gift that reminds her of a memory the two of you shared.

If you still aren’t sure of what that perfect gift could be, take a look at the 7 thoughtful gift ideas below.

1. Flowers — Fresh or Dried

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

No one can resist the sight of a beautiful bouquet, especially when it’s given to them out of love. The natural beauty of flowers connects us to nature and to our emotions, making them a beautifully romantic gift. No matter the occasion, flowers are always appropriate.

To add a unique twist to the usual bouquet, try giving your wife dried flowers instead of fresh ones. It opens up the door to new color arrangements, new textures, and a new look overall. Going the dried flowers route will add a bit of rustic charm to your home, too.

If you want to go that extra step, get your wife a bouquet subscription. That way, expertly crafted bouquets will always be just a click away.

2. A Class You Two Can Bond Over

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Devoting your time to the one you love is one of the greatest gifts you can give. What’s better is devoting your time to something that the one you love loves doing.

If your wife has been meaning to get into a new hobby or skill, there’s no better way to show her that you support her than to do it with her. Check your town’s community center for learning opportunities, or take a look on websites and apps like Skillshare and Groupon for classes the two of you can take.

Getting out there and taking a class as a couple is a simple way to add an element of fun to your relationship. Anything from cooking, to painting, to snowboarding will strengthen your relationship and show your wife how much you really care.

3. An Eye-Catching Ring Dish

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

For the woman who loves jewelry, a ring dish is essential. Ring dishes prevent tangled, dirty, or missing jewelry and will allow her to display her favorite pieces. Plus, they add a wow-factor to any vanity table.

With the wide assortment of ring dishes for sale online, or at your nearest jewelry boutique, there’s a ring dish out there for everyone.

So show your wife that you support her love for jewelry with a beautiful ring dish. If she’s more into necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, a jewelry display stand may be the better gift.

4. Unique Sweet Treats

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Everyone loves a little something sweet. That’s why chocolate and candy are such popular gifts. However, buying your wife chocolates all the time can get repetitive fast.

To really wow your wife, try getting her sweets that are more unique. Personalized chocolates, cookies, or cakes can be commissioned at your local bakery. You can also simply explore the bakeries in your town for something sweet that catches your eye. Remember to keep your wife’s favorite flavors, fruits, nuts, and colors in mind!

Buying interesting, locally-made sweets is a much more thoughtful gift than a basic box of chocolates.

5. A Love Song

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Everyone turns into a troubadour when they’re in love. That’s because emotions are powerful things and lend themselves perfectly to music.

A song written from the heart is a gift that can be played over and over for years to come. And your wife’s memory of you serenading her will live in her heart for the rest of her life.

Even if you aren’t a natural musician or singer, it isn’t hard to pick up the basics. A few hours practicing on the guitar or piano is all you need to create a nice accompaniment for your lyrics. But, if learning an instrument isn’t an option, songwriters offer their services for reasonable prices on websites like Etsy and Fiverr.

6. A Framed Memento

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Show your wife how important your relationship with her is to you by framing or displaying a memento of your love. If there’s a photo that you know your wife cherishes, print it out and frame it.

Besides photographs, things like tickets, menus, playbills, letters, travel maps, and so much more make for sweet, sentimental displays. You can even frame things like medals, pet collars, and other small items.

Whatever it is that you think represents your relationship, put it in a frame! Doing so shows your wife your sentimental side, and turns that object or photo into something that will serve as a reminder of the love you two share.

7. A High-Quality Perfume

7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Perfume is a classic gift for a reason. A bottle of perfume sitting on a vanity radiates sophistication. It can also serve as a confidence booster.

To find the perfect perfume for your wife, figure out her favorite scents. Subtly ask her what her favorite flowers are, or what natural environments she prefers. If she wears perfume already, or scented deodorants, picking out a perfume with similar notes is a safe option.

Make sure you consider the bottle design as well as the scent. If your wife has a certain aesthetic, try to match that aesthetic with the perfume you choose.

Picking out a great perfume can be hard, but when you choose just the right one, your wife will be delighted — and probably a little impressed, too.

Whatever gift you ultimately choose, remember that the more specific the gift is, the better. As long as you give from the heart, she’ll love whatever you get her.

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