7 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary (as a Husband)

There is no relationship milestone as important as a wedding anniversary. No matter how many a couple has had, every wedding anniversary is just as special as the last — or even more so.

However, the more anniversaries you’ve celebrated, the harder it is to figure out how to make your next wedding anniversary special.

If you’re feeling stressed out about planning the perfect anniversary, just remember that the purpose of an anniversary is to commemorate the past you’ve shared with your spouse. It’s a simple purpose, but an oh-so-important one.

Besides that, anniversaries are also meant to provide an opportunity for you to strengthen the love the two of you share as you look towards the future of your relationship.

So, plan the day accordingly! Make sure that everything the two of you do to celebrate reminds your wife of how much you love her.

If trying to come up with the perfect anniversary plans leaves you drawing a blank, read through the 7 ideas below for making your anniversary a day you’ll never forget.

1. Check everything off the to-do list beforehand

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Nothing ruins an anniversary like having a list of chores to get out of the way before you can celebrate. You’ll want the whole day to be spent commemorating the love you and your wife share, but that, of course, requires pre-anniversary prep!

Check your to-do lists and take care of all your responsibilities during the week before your anniversary. That way, they won’t be in the back of your mind, nagging you and ruining your special day when it finally comes around.

While you’re at it, take care of your wife’s chores, too! You can let her know beforehand that you’ve got them taken care of, or surprise her on your anniversary day with a clean slate and no responsibilities.

Plus, when she doesn’t have to be sidetracked with chores during the day, you’ll get to enjoy her full attention.

2. Recreate your wedding

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

A popular anniversary idea is to recreate what your anniversary commemorates!

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most significant days of their relationship. So, taking yourselves back to that happy day is an exciting, romantic way to spend your anniversary.

If possible, take your wife back to the spot you got married and recreate the moment you became husband and wife.

If going back to the place you were married isn’t an option, try wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, and dancing to the same music. Buy a couple slices of the same cake you served at the wedding! You can even reread your vows.

Recreating your wedding is not only a fun, romantic anniversary activity. It’s also a way to reflect on and restate your devotion to your wife. Afterall, the goal of a wedding anniversary should be to remind your wife of how much you enjoy your life with her.

Whether or not you think your wife knows how much you love her, you can never express your love enough. Let her know that, if given the chance, you would marry her all over again.

3. Rehash the past

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate how far you’ve come with your wife by looking back at where it all started. A fun — and simple — anniversary activity is going through old photos, home movies, text messages, emails, or letters that show the growth of your relationship.

Take out all the photo albums and scrapbooks or create a slideshow with photos and videos to surprise your wife with.

Remembering old or forgotten memories is a sure-fire way to let old passions come up to the surface. If you choose to do this, though, be prepared to laugh, cry, and reminisce on the good old days.

Don’t just look through old scrapbooks, though. Make new ones! Marriages can’t last when everything memorable in them has already happened. Whenever you make new memories with your wife, record them so you can look back at them and smile with your wife during future anniversaries.

Give her the gift of a new photo album or scrapbook or make one together as an anniversary activity.

You could also start a new tradition with your wife where you take the same photo every anniversary. Then, over the course of your relationship, you can look back at your anniversary photos and see how the two of you have grown — or stayed the same.

4. Go on a trip

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

If you aren’t sure what would make your anniversary a stand-out, why not go on an adventure? Whether you and your wife go on a small weekend jaunt, or a weeklong getaway, your anniversary is an opportunity to take a break from your normal lives and make new memories.

Bring your wife back to a place that’s meaningful to her or go somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

Breaking away from your usual daily routine and spicing your anniversary up with a trip is just the thing to make your anniversary something you’ll never forget.

5. Get dressed up

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Married couples, especially those with kids, spend a lot of their time in sweatpants — and for good a reason! Daily routines filled with work, chores, and other responsibilities are exhausting, and nothing feels better than putting on a comfy pair of pants and laying down after a long day.

But when every day becomes a work-then-sweatpants kind of day, so many of life’s excitements are swept right out the door.

To make your anniversary special, you need to break away from your daily routine, and that might even include the sweatpants’ part!

Get dressed up and go somewhere classy like the opera, a fancy restaurant, a movie, or a show. If those don’t sound interesting to you, who says you can’t get all dressed up to go to something a little less classy?

Go for a walk in the park, have a picnic, go to a museum, or stay at home. No matter what you do, when you get dressed up, everything becomes a special event.

This idea is perfect if you know your wife has a new outfit, bag, or pair of shoes she hasn’t gotten the chance to break in yet. Whatever excuse you come up with for getting all dolled up, the day will automatically become a special occasion. You’ll both feel more confident, too.

6. Swap meaningful gifts

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries can be made extra special with gift exchanges, but if gift-giving is too simple for you and your wife, try mixing things up this time by only giving each other homemade gifts.

The challenge of having to use your creativity and crafting skills to create something your spouse will love makes gift-giving harder, but so much more meaningful!

Some homemade gift ideas include (but are definitely not limited to) candy/desserts, photo albums or framed photos, bookmarks, soaps, or candles. If you’re musically inclined, you might even write her a song.

If making gifts by hand doesn’t seem like the way to go, get her something you know she’s been wanting for a while. Your anniversary only comes around once a year, so don’t be afraid to go all out!

7. Decorate!

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

A great way to make your anniversary exciting is to decorate! Choose one room to beautify or decorate the whole house. Use balloons, flowers, posters, banners, or whatever you think would make your wife’s face light up.

Decorate with your wife or set up the decorations beforehand to surprise her.

Remember to keep your wife in mind when decorating. Don’t just go for the stereotypical red hearts and roses anniversary decorations. Be creative and think about what your wife would want to see. Maybe a few vases of flowers and candles is all you need. Or maybe streamers, cake, and balloons is the way to go.

You know your wife best, so trust your instincts!

As a husband, what you do to celebrate your wedding anniversary shows your wife how dedicated you are to her. It’s the one time of year you’re expected to commemorate your wedding day, so take the opportunity to make your anniversary the best it can be.

The 7 simple anniversary ideas above may be just what you need to plan the perfect day. Use the ideas as they are or put an original twist on them to make them your own. As long as you keep your wife in mind when planning, you’re bound to have the perfect day.

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