7 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary - As a Wife

A wedding anniversary is a very important milestone, no matter how many you’ve had. Whether you’re planning your first anniversary or your 51st, take the opportunity to make the day memorable. After all, all loving marriages deserve to be celebrated!

But how do you make a wedding anniversary worthy of being remembered? 

Anniversaries are, of course, meant to commemorate the love between two people. So, both members of the marriage should get a say in what the wedding anniversary entails.

Before setting any plans in stone, ask your husband about what his dream wedding anniversary is. If you’d rather keep the anniversary planning on the down-low, really consider what you know your husband enjoys in life and plan around that.

What are his hobbies? What are his goals in life? What does he do to unwind?

The more you incorporate your husband’s interests into your wedding anniversary plans, the more enjoyable the anniversary will be! Of course, make sure you incorporate some of your own interests, too — find the perfect blend!

If thinking about your approaching wedding anniversary makes you more stressed out than excited, don’t worry! You can use the 7 special anniversary celebration ideas below to make your anniversary a day you and your husband will never forget.

1. Eat his favorite meal

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The taste, texture, and smell of food has the power to bring us back to moments in our past. Food is a link to deep memories and emotions. Just think about holiday celebrations — food is always involved for a reason!

If your husband has a favorite food — one that will bring him back to a special moment in his life, or better yet, to a special moment you’ve shared together — have it again for your anniversary. Think back to his favorite meals, or to the meals the two of you have shared together, and get cooking!

If cooking isn’t your strong suit, going out to a restaurant that serves that specific food is a good alternative. It also gives you a good excuse for staying out late.

Whether the meal you choose to eat with your husband will bring the two of you back to your wedding day, or to your first date, he’ll love getting to relive those happy moments with you.

2. Recreate your first date

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

On that note, recreating your first date (or a romantic memory the two of you share) is a fun, memorable way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Go to the same location, eat the same food, dress the same, and do the same activities to experience a real blast from the past. If you’d rather recapture the experience then recreate it, come up with ways you can simply conjure up those old feelings with new activities.

If you ate pizza on your first date, go out to a pizza restaurant for your anniversary. Or, make home-made pizza from scratch with your husband! You can even decorate your kitchen to look like a pizza parlor if you want to go that extra mile.

However you choose to bring back old memories with your husband, be prepared for plenty of reminiscing — and lots of laughter!

3. Book a hotel or air BnB

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Your wedding anniversary only comes around once a year, so take the opportunity to celebrate by doing something you don’t normally get to do.

If the two of you think a few days of pampering and relaxation sounds good, plan a couple’s weekend trip.

Take a break from your busy, monotonous lives and embrace a stress-free lifestyle — even if it only lasts for a few days. You deserve it!

Many hotels have special packages for couples celebrating their anniversaries, so keep your eyes out for those!

4. Do the unexpected

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

This idea isn’t for the faint-of-heart — or for those who like to plan things last-minute. But if you think a big surprise is just what you need to make sure this anniversary is one your husband will never forget, then go for it!

If there’s a skill you know your husband would appreciate, take a few weeks to learn the skill in secret so that you can wow him with it on your anniversary.

Learn to cook his favorite meal to perfection, learn to sing or play an instrument so you can serenade him, learn to dance, paint, knit, or anything else that would lend itself to a great wedding anniversary surprise.

Another great surprise is concert, show, or game tickets. Surprising your husband with last-minute tickets to something he’s been wanting to go to is an easy way to put a huge smile on his face.

The element of surprise is just what a memorable wedding anniversary needs!

5. Go on an adventure

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Is there something the two of you have always talked about doing, but never had the time to actually go and do it? Well, your wedding anniversary may be the perfect opportunity to check whatever that thing is off your bucket list!

The more adventurous you are, the more memorable the day will be.

Take a day trip to a different town or city, go skydiving, rock-climbing, mountain biking, skiing, or hot-air-ballooning. If you’re both kids at heart, why not go to 6-flags or another amusement park nearby?

Fill your special day with excitement and create some new experiences with your husband!

6. Renew your vows

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Are you and your husband the romantic type? If so, renewing your vows may be the perfect wedding anniversary activity.

Vow renewals are often done by those who weren’t able to have a wedding ceremony, or by couples who have overcome marital separation or emotional turmoil. However, even if you had the perfect wedding and haven’t faced any major challenges in your marriage, renewing your vows can still be an amazing, romantic experience.

Plan a party or renew your vows in private. No matter how you choose to go about it, restating your commitment to your husband is something he’ll never get tired of.

7. Play your husband’s favorite song on the radio

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

If your husband has a favorite, go-to radio station that he listens to, that may be just the thing to focus on to make your next wedding anniversary extra special.

Some radio stations take call-in or online song requests from listeners. Just give them your name, email, location, and information about what song you want them to play, and most likely, you’ll have the perfect surprise planned for your special day.

If you plan it just right, you can create a romantic, music-filled moment that will be the cherry on top of your perfect anniversary.

There’s no denying that planning a great wedding anniversary every year can start to get difficult after a while. But as long as you keep the love you have for your husband in mind, and aren’t afraid to mix things up a little, nothing can get in the way of your perfect day.


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