All about the Aries Zodiac Sign: Traits, Love, Compatibility, Colors & More

Optimistic Aries are born between March 21 and April 19 and are the first of the 12 zodiacs.

This ambitious sign, ruled by Mars — the god of war in ancient Greek mythology — is all about taking action and getting things done. Like Mars, Aries have a passionate, go-getter attitude. They know what they want and won’t stop until they get it.

What most people don’t know about Aries is that they have a deeply emotional side. They feel emotions stronger than others and are known for making decisions based on emotions rather than logic.

There’s a lot to know about what makes an Aries tick. Keep reading to find out about the personality of Aries, and the compatibility in love and friendship, recommended career paths, colors, fun facts, and so much more associated with this fearless sign.

What Makes an Aries?

  • Aries season is between March 21 and April 19
  • Aries originated from the Ram constellation
  • Aries is a fire sign
  • Aries is a cardinal sign
  • Aries is ruled by the planet Mars
  • Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac


All zodiac signs have associated birthstones. For Aries, those birthstones are aquamarine and diamond. Aquamarine is the stone most closely linked to the month of March, while diamond is linked to April.

Peaceful, blue aquamarine has strong associations with forgiveness, trust, and inner peace. One of its uses is to relieve stress and to clear the mind. Since Aries are known for their fiery, competitive nature, aquamarine is the perfect contrasting stone to balance an Aries out.

 The second stone, diamond, is closely related to an Aries’ inner drive — diamond was once believed to protect whoever wore it in battle.

Today, this precious stone is more associated with love, wisdom, and clarity. It represents inner strength, balance, and prosperity. Like Aries, diamonds are strong and powerful. It’s actually the hardest naturally occurring substance found on earth.


The official color for Aries is, of course, red. As the first fire sign, and the zodiac with the most fiery personality, it makes sense why Aries get along so well with fiery colors. 

Red is a complex color that has been used to represent countless things throughout human history. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes luck and happiness. It is believed to ward off evil and bring good fortune to whoever wears it.

Red was one of the first colors developed for painting and dyeing, and throughout the medieval period, it was used to represent the Passion and blood of Jesus, and the fires of Hell. In the secular world, red was used to represent love, beauty, power, and glory.

Today, red is still associated with all those things — the good and the bad. But above all, red symbolizes vigor and love of life — two things’ Aries know all about. It is a courageous color that, like Aries, was made to stand out.

Red isn’t the only color for Aries, though. Yellows, dark purples, and oranges are also associated with this zodiac sign. 

Aries Symbols

Aries are symbolized by the sign of the ram. It is the first astrological sign and originated from the Ram constellation.

The ram was a significant symbol in art in Ancient Greece used as a metaphor for strength and courage. And, just as Aries is associated with the god of war, Mars, the ram in Ancient Greece was also associated with Mars.

The ram’s powerful horns and ability to bound head-first into conflict lends itself as the perfect symbol for head-strong Aries. Just like rams, Aries like to approach all situations in life head-on and rarely consider the consequences beforehand.

Aries Personality Traits

Aries’ reckless, carefree attitude brings up plenty of opportunity for adventure, but often leave Aries in difficult situations. But mistakes aren’t what scare an Aries.

Not having the chance to make mistakes, and to learn from them, is what scares them the most.

Another thing that doesn’t seem to scare an Aries is conflict. Aries are incredibly firm in their beliefs and love being direct, which may come across as rude to others, but their directness allows them to stand their ground in arguments and never back down from a fight.

Aries are also known primarily for being competitive, determined to be the best, and ambitious. These traits make Aries naturals when it comes to leading and instructing others.

However, what powers an Aries’ amazing drive is not great knowledge or intellect, it’s emotion. Aries are emotional beings but are terrible at handling their feelings. Most of their actions are linked to their emotions, which is what has given Aries the reputation of being spontaneous and, of course, rather impulsive.

Lets go over the main strengths and weaknesses of Aries in more depth.


  1. Aries are fearless. Aries are always up for an adventure. Whether it be exploring a creepy locale with their friends, or creating their own start-up business, nothing is too big of a challenge for this go-getter zodiac. Their courage is what keeps them plowing ahead, even when the odds are stacked against them.
  2. Aries are direct. Aries are uncomplicated — they say what they mean and mean what they say. They value honesty and clarity above all when it comes to communication and relationships, making them great at making and keeping friends. Their straightforward way of going through life is something the rest of us can aspire to.
  3. Aries make great leaders. Besides Aries’ great sense of perseverance, these rams are also confident, motivated, and deeply passionate. They have a natural tendency to want to be in charge, and their incessant drive to find success makes them natural-born, visionary leaders.
  4. Aries are competitive. No matter what it is they’re doing, whether it’s playing a sport or making a presentation for a client, Aries’ competitive nature — bestowed on them by their ruling planet, Mars — makes them always strive to be the best. This makes them great competitors, and the person you want on your team. But, it can also make them feel enraged if they end up winning silver instead of gold.
  5. Aries are independent. They hate accepting help from other people. Of course, this often presents as stubbornness and selfishness, but it also gives Aries their powerful sense of independence. Aries have a strong belief in the ‘every man for himself’ philosophy, meaning they enjoy their self-reliance.


  1. Aries are impulsive. Passion and energy are the foundations of an Aries’ personality. Their love of life and adventure keep them exciting and make it so that they are always up for a good time. However, their inclination to throw caution to the wind often ends them up in tough situations that could have been easily avoided.
  2. Aries are harsh. This zodiac has a hot temper, weak self-control, and incredibly strong emotions. The combination of all three make Aries often come across as narcissistic and hotheaded and can lead to Aries lashing out at those they care about. However, Aries often say things they don’t really mean when they’re riled up. Just give them some time to cool down.
  3. Aries are impatient. Aries have a passion for life, and love to find new opportunities. They hate waiting to seize the moment, even if it means making less mistakes along the way. No matter what it is they’re doing, Aries enjoy blazing new trails. They are always moving at high speeds, and it would do an Aries good to remember to slow down every once in a while, and enjoy life while they can.

Career Paths

Aries are highly sought after in the workplace due to their positive attitude, ability to juggle multiple tasks at once, and their competitive nature. They love workplace competition and thrive in positions that give them room for their own decision-making and growth.

Jobs centered around money and making more of it, such as jobs in business, sales, and marketing, are perfect for Aries. These office jobs give Aries the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder — something that will give them a strong sense of fulfillment.

For those Aries who aren’t into crunching numbers, there are great creative job possibilities, too. Aries may enjoy jobs in acting, fashion, or sports — these provide Aries with great avenues to let their bold, independent personalities run wild.

Any job that gives Aries the chance to grow, make their own decisions, and get noticed by others, will make Aries happy. Other great jobs for passionate, hard-working Aries include police officer, doctor, or firefighter.

Relationship Compatibility

In Love

Aries don’t like to waste time when it comes to expressing how they really feel. Their opinionated nature makes it easy for them to be aware of their feelings for someone right away. If they know they like someone, they’ll stick with them, but if they have their doubts, they won’t have any problem breaking things off.

Sure, Aries may move on quickly if a relationship doesn’t work out, but when they’re in love, they’re in love. Aries are passionate, loyal partners who value honesty. They need to know that they can trust their partner 100%.

Trustworthy zodiacs like Sagittarius and Capricorn make good partners for Aries for that reason.

Librans are also known to get along well with Aries. Librans are extroverted — something Aries are drawn to — but are also extremely friendly and charming. They’re great at listening, giving advice, and taking charge when it comes to romance.

For those Aries who are looking for a relationship based on adventure, action, and excitement, they may benefit from other action-oriented, driven zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

In friendship

Aries make great friends — their honest, loyal nature makes them very trustworthy, and their adventurous, thrill-loving side makes it easy for them to keep friendships exciting.

Excitement is just the thing Aries need in relationships, romantic or platonic. That’s why they get along best with other fast-paced people. Those who are friends with Aries will need to know how to keep up with them, or risk being left behind.

Aries make good friends with other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs like getting their hands dirty and taking risks and hate when others try to hold them back. Aries also get along with air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are known for being witty, free-spirited, and sociable — all traits that Aries are drawn to.

Famous Aries

After going over the Aries mindset, it’s no surprise that this list of famous rams is made up of so many world leaders and trailblazers.

  • Charlemagne: April 2, 742
  • Leonardo da Vinci: April 15, 1452
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: 21, 1685
  • Thomas Jefferson: April 13, 1743
  • Otto von Bismarck: April 1, 1815
  • Vincent van Gogh: March 30,1853
  • Charlie Chaplin: April 16, 1889
  • Adolph Hitler: April 20, 1889
  • Elton John: March 25, 1947
  • Mariah Carey: March 27, 1969
  • Reese Witherspoon: March 22, 1976
  • America Ferrera: April 18, 1984
  • Lady Gaga: March 28, 1986
  • Kristen Stewart: April 9, 1990
  • Emma Watson: April 15, 1990
  • Lil Nas X: April 9, 1999

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