Amazing Health Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewelry

Since its use in ancient cultures to make religious figures and idols for devotion, to today’s jewelry industry, gold has always been considered one of the world’s most luxurious metals.  

A new archaeological discovery of a gold bead in Bulgaria revealed that gold has been used in jewelry since 4,500-4,600 B.C. But its popularity in the accessory world wasn’t just due to the metal’s beautiful color.  

What makes gold truly special is that it is chock-full of health benefits, and the ancient humans used this to their advantage.  

In the ancient world, gold was used to treat smallpox and ulcers, as well as arthritis, joint disease, and lung disease. Today, while we have more effective medicines, gold can still be used for its amazing, natural healing benefits.  

If you’re looking for an eye-catching accessory that doubles as a health aid, gold jewelry might be the solution. 

The 6 Health Benefits of Gold Jewelry 

1. Gold is anti-inflammatory  

Whether you have bruises, rashes, or inflamed skin, gold jewelry can help ease your pain. Gold absorbs excess heat when pressed against your skin, relieving redness and discomfort.  

It also promotes healthy blood flow which leads to speedier recovery from injury and ailment, as well as a handful of other health benefits (strengthened immune system, healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure levels to name a few).  

2. Promotes good circulation 

Gold is a positively charged metal that boosts oxygen distribution throughout your body. Just by wearing a piece of gold jewelry, your blood oxygen levels will become more regulated.  

By assisting with your circulation, gold is helping your body perform the way it should, ultimately helping you fight off bacteria and disease.  

3. Eases arthritis symptoms 

Arthritis can have a negative affect on your everyday life in so many ways, which is why any form of arthritis treatment can be beneficial. One super easy arthritis treatment is simply wearing gold jewelry.  

By soothing the pain in your joints, gold jewelry can reduce the symptoms of your arthritis while also being a beautiful statement piece.  

4. Regulates body temperature 

Gold is a natural body temperature regulator. Whether you face hot flashes or chills, gold jewelry can help bring your body temperature right back to normal.  

This is a convenient solution to people with colds and women going through menopause. 

5. Gold is hypoallergenic 

There’s a reason why beauticians always recommend gold earrings to those with newly pierced ears. Unlike silver or nickel, gold is hypoallergenic. This means that gold prevents infections and is the perfect material for those with sensitive skin.  

6. Gold boosts your confidence 

One of the best health benefits of gold can be found in any piece of jewelry. That benefit is, of course, self confidence! The whole purpose of jewelry is to make you feel good.  

The perfect piece of jewelry gives you a burst of confidence. It makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and face the world.  

If a piece of jewelry can do that, and has all of the amazing health benefits listed above, it’s a keeper.  

You can find gold jewelry ideas here.

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