The 17 Most Important Things Fathers Do For Their Children Often Taken For Granted

Things Fathers Do For Their Children

Best Things Fathers Do For Their Children 


Every now and then it’s important to think about the people that have impacted our lives. Even though that list would be endless, we should try to remember all the ways other people have molded us and made us who we are today.

One person we should especially thank for making us us is our fathers. Whether it’s Father’s Day or just another average Sunday, taking the time to think about what your father has done for you over the years can be invaluable. When we don’t do this, it’s easy to take dad for granted.

Fathers are expected to be so many things – a handyman, a breadwinner, a loving husband, a hard worker, and someone their kids can look up to. And, by those who take their dads for granted, fathers are also expected to be chauffeurs, a mover, and a bank!

Think about all the ways your dad has shaped you, and give him the recognition he deserves! Let him know that you don’t take him for granted because of the countless things he does for you. Such as…

1. Supporting Your Choices

When we make decisions about our own life, we are showing the world who we are and what we value. Fathers value this especially. They take pride in seeing their children grow and be independent.

When you make decisions, whether they’re big – like deciding where to live or what career to have – or small – like choosing a restaurant to eat at or what outfit to wear – fathers will be happy knowing that you’ll be able to take care of yourself when he isn’t around to help out.

Things Fathers Do For Their Children

2. Giving You Advice

Dads love to give their kids advice. When you’re in a jam, or just want to know what direction to take your life in, dad will most likely have a bit of sage dad advice that’ll help you out.

3. Teaching You Life Skills

The men who raise us have a very special role in the way we grow up. In so many cases, they’re the person we look up to when learning about how life works. They’re our first teachers. They’re our first role models!

Dads love to impart their knowledge to their kids. It’s one of the most necessary – and natural – jobs they have. So, when dad jumps into another one of his impromptu life lessons, make sure you listen. The information he’s giving you will come in handy someday!

4. Keeping Your Secrets Safe

Dads have a way of finding out things about us that we didn’t want anyone to find out. Being caught smoking or drinking by your dad as a teenager is a story a lot of people can tell. And in so many of these stories, the dads they’re talking about end up keeping that secret to themselves.

Even for less drastic situations, like simply telling your dad something that has been on your mind, or letting him know something about you that you couldn’t tell anyone else, dads have a way of keeping that information between you and him.

Things Fathers Do For Their Children

5. Taking You On Adventures

Dads are often the ones in our lives who bring us excitement and new experiences. They may not all be the adventuring type, but dads are known for coming up with fun ideas that excite the whole family.

6. Telling You Stories

You may be in a situation that seems unique, but your dad probably has a story to tell you about a similar situation he was in when he was younger. Dads are just like that – they seem to have a story for everything.

Listening to your parent’s stories can truthfully be a bit boring, but when you’re older, you’ll be thankful that you got to hear about the things that made your parents who they are. When they start reminiscing, make sure you listen up! You’ll be glad you did later.

7. Listening To Your Stories

When there’s something on your mind, a dad can be a great thought receptacle – a place to keep your thoughts.

In other words, dads will appreciate their kids opening up to them about what’s going on in their lives. No matter how old you are, you can depend on your dad to be an available ear to listen to your problems. He might give you some good tips, too.

8. Killing Bugs

However silly this might sound, it’s one of the many great things about dads. Dads will do whatever it takes to keep their family safe, and if killing a bug is what it takes, then you can count on them to take care of it.

9. Providing a Sense of Security

Part of a dad’s job is to make their family feel safe and secure. Often that involves putting a roof over their heads and putting food on the table, but that can also mean simply being a strong figure their family can look up to and lean on in hard times.

Having a level head and being able to make smart decisions in times of need is a talent, and dads are naturals.

10. Standing Up For You

We’ve all seen that scene from a movie where a kid is getting bullied at school and their dad teaches them how to fight back. Maybe you’ve even lived that scene yourself. This just goes to show that dads want to see their kids succeed.

Their plans of action may not always be the best, but they try their hardest.

Things Fathers Do For Their Children

11. Helping Us Develop a Work Ethic

Having a good work ethic is one of the most important things we need to live a successful life, and fathers help that work ethic form within us. The example that our dads set for us contribute to the kind of employee, freelancer, or business owner we become later in life.

Inspiring You to Follow Your Dreams

A parent’s job is to make their kids feel like anything is possible. And when a dad has confidence in their kid and pushes them to make their dreams come true, anything really is possible.

Knocking on the Door Before Coming In

Here’s something that seems small at the time, but gets a whole lot bigger when we look back on it as adults.

Dads understand the importance of giving their kids independence and privacy. Knocking on your bedroom door before coming in is a dad’s signature move. It shows you that he respects your personal space. To a kid or teenager, this is huge! 

14.  Asking You About Your Day

It’s always nice to hear the words “how was your day?” While we’re not always in the best mood to answer, the question alone tells us that the person who asked it cares about us. When dad asks you about your day, you can be sure that he’s all ears.

Things Fathers Do For Their Children

15. Playing Games With You

 Dads love to have fun – it’s one of the greatest things about them. When you’re feeling bored, irritable, excitable, or down in the dumps, dads just seem to know how to turn any moment into something fun.

Being Down to Watch a Movie

Whether the movie’s your pick or theirs, a dad always loves getting to spend quality time with their kids – especially when all it involves is hanging out on the couch. Telling jokes or making comments during the show is also a dad-favorite activity.

Still, it’s not so much about what you’re doing, but that you’re doing it together.

17. Being Proud of You

One of the most meaningful things in a person’s life is knowing that their parents are proud of them. Having the approval of those who raised you for life decisions gives you a feeling of relief that you can’t find anywhere else.

When a dad pats their kid on the back, gives them a smile, or talks about them to their friends, it shows their pride loud and clear. Sometimes dads can struggle with showing emotion, but it’s the little things that count, and there are countless little things that dads do for their kids every day.

Show your dad some love by doing little things back. A hug, a kind word, a phone call, or an impromptu movie night are all ways you can tell your dad that you cherish your relationship with him. He’ll appreciate it more than you think.

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