The 17 Most Important Things Mothers Do for Their Children Often Taken for Granted

Things Mothers Do for Their Children :


When Mother’s Day comes around each year, we’re reminded of all of the things mothers do for us — whether that’s through a commercial on TV, the headline on our calendar, or a phone call from a family member asking what we could do to make Sunday special for mom.

Mother’s Day is a day spent cherishing the women that raise us, and by the end of the day, we almost always come to the conclusion that mothers do too much to earn them only one day of celebration per year.

The things mothers do are often taken for granted. As children, whether we’re still kids or are fully grown, it’s our job to understand the role of the women who gave us life, and to appreciate all the things they do for us. Such as…

1.Giving Us Life

This is the most obvious thing that mothers do for us, but it is very often taken for granted. Each thing we get to do in life, the good and the bad, is because our mothers gave us life in the first place. Of course fathers have just as much to do with that, but we can all appreciate the intimacy we shared with our mothers at one point.

2. Taking Care of Us When We’re Sick

17 Most Important Things Mothers Do

As a mother, the most important job is to keep your children safe from harm. Illness and injury, even sadness and heartbreak, are things that mothers try to protect their children from. Whether they are successful or not, their efforts in keeping us safe, healthy, and happy are venerable.

3. Loving Unconditionally

Very few people in life give you unconditional love. Parents, siblings, close friends, and your spouse are likely sources of unconditional love. If there is anyone in your life willing to love you no matter what you do, they deserve to be cherished.

4. Supporting Our True Selves

Besides unconditional love, mothers give their children support when they need it in order to help them grow. Just like how a sprouting plant may need a stake for support, mothers help us stay strong when we are weak. No matter who or what we are, mothers will keep supporting us in order to help us grow into our best selves.

5. Pushing Us to Find New Interests

Mothers want their children to grow into successful adults, and so they will often push them to succeed. Signing us up for classes and afterschool programs, or trying to get us involved in extracurricular activities are all ways mothers push us to find new interests, skills, and talents.

6. Helping Us Build on Interests

17 Most Important Things Mothers Do

7. Being Our First Teacher

Mothers are our first teachers. Their mannerisms in movement and speech are things that we, as children, copy and develop ourselves. Whether good or bad, big or small, the things we see our mothers do are things that we learn to do too, until they become an ingrained part of who we are.

And, it’s often from our mothers we learn to walk, speak, and understand. Through our mothers, we are able to become a part of the world.

8. Teaching Us About Their Past

Just by being themselves, our mothers teach us so much. Their own life stories give us insight into their past. Our mothers are a slice of history that shouldn’t be ignored. Each mother has her own story to tell, and each story reveals another aspect of the way life works. Listen to your mother’s stories, and learn from them!

9. Archiving Our Childhood

As children, we may not understand the fleeting quality of time. We don’t appreciate the life we have until we’re much older, but luckily we have mothers who appreciate that time for us. By taking photos of us, making scrapbooks, saving art projects and baby clothes, our mothers are preserving a period in our lives that is easily forgotten so that we can look back on it when we’re older and share it with those we love.

10. Asking About Our Days

Not a day goes by where mothers don’t wonder about their children. And just by asking a simple question like, ‘how was your day?’ they are telling us loud and clear that they genuinely care about what goes on in our lives. As we get older, we realize that this gets rarer and rarer.

11. Asking You What You Want for Dinner

17 Most Important Things Mothers Do

It is a common question for a mom to ask: ‘what do you want for dinner?’ It’s a simple question, but it reveals so much. Instead of going ahead and making whatever she wants to eat, a mother asks her child for their opinion on the matter. It’s a small gesture, but a powerful, selfless one.

12. Doing Your Laundry

Not only do mothers care about feeding you well, they care about keeping you clean and helping you look your best. Doing laundry is a burden for most people, but it is one that most mothers must bear. Next time you see your mom, thank her for all those years of washing and folding your dirty laundry. I can tell you now, she didn’t do all that because it was fun! 

13. Buying You Clothes

While you’re at it, thank your mom for going shopping for clothes for you. Even if she may have picked out clothes you didn’t like, or forced you to try on uncomfortable shirts and too-tight pants, at least she made the effort to help you look good.

14. Buying You Presents

Mothers don’t only buy us clothes and food and put a roof over our heads. They also get us gifts. On birthdays, holidays, or for no reason at all, through all the money mothers spend on us on an average day, they still find reason to buy us gifts. Now that’s love.

15. Being a Shoulder to Cry On

Not everything mothers do for us can be seen with the eye. One of the most meaningful things a mother can do is be a shoulder to cry on. It’s a mother’s job to help you grow into a functioning adult and send you off into the world, but a great mother will also be a comfortable, accepting net to fall back on when life gets hard.

16. Hiding Her Problems From You

Life is hard sometimes, and it’s hard for mothers, too. Yet, mothers know that stressing and worrying about life’s problems affects children, and so they will often hide their problems from their children, keeping them inside so you don’t have to grow up worrying about the same things. This is selflessness 101.

17. Setting Us Up for Life

17 Most Important Things Mothers Do

All of this is to say that our mothers affect practically every aspect of our lives. No matter what kind of a mother they were, they made us who we are. From day one, our mothers have affected us, and their presence will stay with us until the day we die.

We couldn’t be here without our mothers, so make sure you show them some love. Do what you can to return the support, love, and acceptance your mother showed you, and there’s no way she won’t appreciate it.

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