What are the 7 Chakras and What Do They Mean?

7 chakras and their powers


We’ve all heard of chakras, whether that’s thanks to a spiritual advisor or an eccentric character on TV. Chakras are connected to spirituality, mental health, and physical health. But what are they?

A chakra is an energy center found in the body. Each chakra’s energy is focused on specific nerves, organs, or an area of the body. The system of chakras originated in India around 1500 BC, and is still the focal point of many yoga and New Age practices.

Chakras are a philosophical idea, so they cannot be seen in a physical sense. If you’re more of a visual person, you can picture a chakra as a swirling ball of light and color.

Speaking of color, each chakra corresponds with a specific color, number, and frequency, which can all be utilized during meditation.

Overall, there are 114 chakras within each person, but there are only 7 main chakras. These 7 chakras are found evenly spaced along the spine with the first chakra located at the base of the spine, and the last chakra located at the crown of the head.

When we talk about chakras, we’re often talking about opening, or balancing, them. When a chakra is blocked, mental and emotional openness are prevented, and mental and physical health are broken down.

When chakras are open, they allow their energy to run through the body, creating harmony between the physical body, the mind, and the spirit. Overall, open, well-balanced chakras lead to countless health benefits, and allow you to feel connected to yourself and to the world around you.

The 7 Chakras

1. The Root Chakra - Muladhara

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Red
Corresponding frequency: 432 Hz

This chakra is responsible for the feelings of safety, security, support, and comfort. It is located right at the base of your spine, and is linked to your last 3 vertebrae, the large intestine, anus, legs, and feet.

An unbalanced root chakra can permit anxiety and fear to overtake your life. You may begin to feel more worried about relationships, jobs, and health when this chakra is left unbalanced. On the more physical side, health issues related to the bladder, colon, lower back, legs, and feet can all be linked to an unbalanced root chakra.

To open your root chakra, connect with nature! The root chakra is all about your feeling of security with your surroundings. Go on a walk, breathe in the fresh air, and allow yourself to find comfort in the outside world. Feeling comfortable and open with nature and with yourself is key to having a balanced root chakra.

2. The Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Orange
Corresponding frequency: 480 Hz

With a well-balanced sacral chakra, life will feel more nurturing and pleasing. You’ll find that connecting to your creative and sensual sides is easy, and you will be more comfortable expressing your wants and needs with yourself and others.

Balancing your sacral chakra will have great benefits on your relationship with yourself, as well as the way you interact with other people. When your sacral chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you’ll be more easily overwhelmed by emotion, you’ll have low self-worth, and you’ll likely develop an unhealthy relationship with sensuality and sex.

An unbalanced sacral chakra can also lead to physical health problems including lower back pain, pelvic and abdominal issues, urinary tract infections, joint problems, and kidney dysfunction.

To open your sacral chakra, use positive affirmations to fuel your self-love and creativity. Connecting with water by swimming or spending time near natural water sources can also help by relieving stress.

If you’re someone who enjoys creating things, try to create without worrying about what other people think. Don’t dwell on your insecurities. Focus only on opportunities to grow.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Yellow
Corresponding frequency: 538 Hz

We get our sense of confidence and self-esteem from the solar plexus chakra. When well-balanced, this chakra can also make it easier for us to make decisions and to fill us with a sense of purpose that motivates us to strive for success.

With an unbalanced solar plexus chakra, we are made susceptible to low self-esteem, nervousness, and the inability to control anger and other strong emotions. Physical symptoms of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra include light-headedness, fatigue, heartburn, ulcers, and other digestive disorders.

Overall, the solar plexus chakra controls our feelings of self-worth and inner strength. If you feel yourself lacking in these areas, try repeating positive affirmations to yourself about inner strength and personal power. Learning to heal from past traumas and emotional challenges is also key to having a healthy, balanced solar plexus chakra.

4. The Heart Chakra - Anahata

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Green
Corresponding frequency: 594 Hz

Love, compassion, and personal connection could not be possible without a well-balanced, open heart chakra. The heart chakra is often thought of as the bridge between the lower three and upper three chakras, since it’s perfectly aligned in the center of your spine.

A well-balanced heart chakra allows us to feel love for ourselves and for others. It keeps us optimistic about relationships and helps keep our hearts open to the love around us. When the heart chakra is unbalanced, we have trouble being able to give and accept love. We feel hatred, depression, jealousy, and grief much more strongly.

An unbalanced heart chakra can also lead to health problems including asthma, heart problems, weight issues, emotional issues, and mental health problems.

To open your heart chakra, you have to learn to love and forgive yourself, no matter what. Repeat positive, loving affirmations about love and compassion to remind yourself that you are worthy of meaningful, fulfilling relationships (romantic or otherwise).

5. The Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Blue
Corresponding frequency: 672 Hz

This chakra can be found at the base of the throat and is directly related to self expression, communication, and listening. A well-balanced throat chakra makes it much easier to tell the truth, and to express creativity and individuality. It can also make public speaking easier.

On the other hand, an unbalanced throat chakra may lead to a wealth of physical and mental health problems including shyness, a feeling of having no purpose in life, fear of speaking, and the inability to communicate your real feelings.

The physical symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra include headaches, pain in the throat or jaw, ear infections, sinus infections, ulcers in the mouth, tooth pain, and other dental issues.

To balance your throat chakra, taking care of your throat is, of course, extremely important. Wear a scarf and drink warm tea on cold days. You can practice breathing exercises and use aromatherapy oils, too, to release tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw.

Being honest and telling the truth at all times is another great way to balance your throat chakra. Since this chakra is connected to the expression of your true self, being able to be honest with yourself and others is paramount.

Similarly, learning to be a better listener can improve your conversational skills and help you to feel more comfortable speaking. Lastly, if expressing yourself out loud proves to be a challenge, try writing your emotions and life experience down in a journal or on a blog.

6. The Third Eye Chakra - Ajna

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: Indigo
Corresponding frequency: 720 Hz

This chakra, also referred to as the “brow chakra,” controls our ability to see the bigger picture in life. It’s related to our perception, intuition, creativity, and wisdom. A well-balanced third eye chakra leads to feelings of clarity.

With an unbalanced third eye chakra, you may have a prominent lack of clarity and may struggle with religious or spiritual belief. You may also struggle with controlling your emotions under pressure. People with closed third eye chakras also often suffer from migraines and headaches, poor vision, concentration issues, and trouble hearing.

The third eye chakra is usually associated with wisdom and spiritual awakenings. It is a chakra many cultures emphasize because of this. The third eye chakra is also said to be linked to astral projection, lucid dreaming, and telepathy.

While the science on these aspects of the chakra is not conclusive, the other benefits alone make it worth your time to focus on opening this chakra. To open your third eye chakra, practice meditating outside. Forming a connection to the sun through meditation is a great way to improve clarity and spirituality.

7. The Crown Chakra - Sahasrara

7 chakras and their powers

Corresponding color: violet or white
Corresponding frequency: 768 Hz

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, and is powerfully linked to all 6 other chakras. With a blocked crown chakra, each of the other chakras will be significantly weakened, making the crown chakra especially important!

Someone with a blocked crown chakra will be completely closed off to new ideas. They’ll be stuck in their ways and feel disconnected to the world around them. With a narrow mind, it’s impossible to gain wisdom. It’s impossible to connect to a higher power, too.

Other symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include loneliness, lack of direction, depression, insomnia, nerve pain, and neurological disorders.

With a well-balanced crown chakra, finding enlightenment and happiness in your life is achievable. To completely balance this chakra takes effort, but is so worth it!

To open and balance your crown chakra, keep an open mind! Read books, watch movies, and listen to podcasts that you wouldn’t usually listen to. Talk to new people and go to new places. Do whatever you can to gain knowledge and expand your horizons.

Opening and aligning all of the 7 chakras is something that can take a lifetime, but it’s not the end product that’s important— the process and effort put into bettering yourself is what really matters

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