What are the Spiritual Benefits of Yoga?

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

It’s no wonder yoga is still such a popular form of exercise over 4,000 years after its creation. Unlike other common forms of exercise, yoga both strengthens your physical self and your spiritual self, making it a physical art form for the ages.

The art of yoga is centered around finding and maintaining perfect balance and harmony between you as an individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness, or nature. To form a union between man and nature was the original purpose of yoga.

In fact, the word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ which means to join or to unite.

If you’re looking to add a deeper meaning to your yoga sessions, simply understanding the purpose behind each pose you do will take you a long way. Focus on your breathing, and make every movement count.

Many yoga postures were created for both their physical and spiritual benefits. So, while you improve on your flexibility, strength, and endurance, you can also gain emotional control and better self-esteem. By practicing yoga in the way it was originally intended, you may find that you leave the yoga mat more aware of yourself and the world around you than ever before.

1. Yoga develops your creativity

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

The world is a distracting place. So distracting, in fact, that finding and focusing on your true passions and inspirations can be a challenge.

In yoga, meditation and a clear mind are key. Practicing yoga gives your mind time to rest and recharge. With a clear mind and a renewed sense of self, you’ll have a greater chance of finding inspiration and creativity in your daily life.

Not only that, but yoga is all about calmness and positive emotions, making it the perfect tool for developing your inner being. Understanding and accepting who you are is key to living a happy, productive life. Not only that, but it can help alleviate depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

2. Yoga heightens your awareness of your surroundings

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever wondered how yoga poses, or asanas, got their names? While some yoga poses are named after famous mythical sages and heroes, many poses are named after things in nature.

Ancient yogis looked at the world around them and created poses to be a form of imitation. Think of poses like the cat-cow, crow, pigeon, downward-facing dog, mountain, lotus, etc. The list goes on!

Living in the modern world, many of us struggle to connect with the natural world. As a result, we focus on our physical selves, and forget to look at the bigger picture.

When you do these yoga poses, you’re imitating the world around you. You’re connecting to nature and becoming more aware of what your place is in the world — whether or not you do yoga in your living room or out in a field!

3. Yoga helps you find self-confidence

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

If you’re someone who struggles with self-confidence, doing yoga regularly could be the solution. Since yoga encourages focusing on the self, it is an amazing conduit for promoting self-love. Taking the time to focus on yourself also helps discourage the all-too-common habit of comparing yourself to others.

If you aren’t convinced, think about power poses. Just by moving our bodies into certain positions, we’re able to cultivate a greater sense of confidence and authority within ourselves.

In yoga, that logic carries over. Each pose helps develop an empowered, confident mindset in every yogi. All you have to do is breathe and clear your mind.

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years, or are just getting started, there’s always opportunity for self-discovery and growth. The purpose of yoga is to create a unity between your physical self, your spiritual self, and nature.

Each pose works on strengthening or stretching a part of your body. Practicing yoga while only focusing on the physical aspects of the poses is certainly a good way to work out. But the physical aspects of yoga go hand-in-hand with the spiritual aspects.

When you combine them, you are opened up to not only a form of exercise, but to a new lifestyle.

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