What Does a Dragonfly Pendant Really Represent?

Dragonfly Pendant Really Represent

At 300 million years old, dragonflies are one of the most ancient insects in the world. They’re actually one of the oldest creatures in general. In fact, they were around about 70 million years before the first dinosaurs were born, and they’re still around today.

Clearly, dragonflies are extremely resilient. They can withstand all kinds of climate conditions, too, and can be found on all seven continents.

Besides being impressive survivalists, dragonflies are also known for their colorful bodies and wings.

Throughout human history, the dragonfly has symbolized all sorts of things. Dragonfly imagery has appeared in art for thousands of years and has been appearing in jewelry since the 8th century.

Today, dragonflies are one of the most popular jewelry motifs, though the symbolism behind them is often neglected.

Knowing the deeper meaning behind the jewelry you wear makes the experience of wearing it so much richer. If you have a dragonfly pendant, or hope to get one in the future, take a few minutes to learn about what dragonflies really represent.

You may be surprised by how meaningful your pendant really is.

1. Dragonflies represent change

Dragonflies represent change

The dragonfly’s life cycle takes the creature through three drastically different stages: the nymph, the egg, and finally, the dragonfly. Starting out as a brown, wingless, water-breathing creature, dragonflies go through a major change to turn into the brightly colored, glittering, winged creatures you can see flitting through the sky.

Because dragonflies experience such a great change in their lives, a dragonfly pendant is representative of change and new beginnings.

Change is always scary, but change is also inevitable. Like the dragonfly, we must embrace change — in the world around us, and even in ourselves. We can’t be afraid of transformation, otherwise we’ll always be stuck in our nymph state.

A dragonfly pendant is a perfect reminder of the beauty that can come from transformation.

2. Dragonflies represent getting the best out of life

Dragonflies represent getting the best out of life

Living for the moment and getting the most out of every situation is one thing dragonflies are experts at. Dragonflies spend most of their lives as nymphs and only have about 3-6 more months to live once they become winged adults.

Like the dragonfly, we should recognize that our time in life is limited and must be lived to the fullest. Embrace life and strive for your goals. Figure out who you want to be, and what you want to be remembered for. Live life accordingly.

3. Dragonflies represent the love of God

When dragonflies first emerge from the water, their wings are soft and colorless. After sitting in the sun for hours, or even days, the wings will harden and become beautiful and opalescent.

To summarize, dragonflies don’t become their complete selves until they are totally doused in sunlight.

In Christian theology, humans are not their complete selves until they are transformed by the love of God. God’s love is often symbolized by rays of sun, making the connection to dragonflies obvious.

Dragonfly pendants are beautiful reminders of how your faith and trust in the Light of God can transform you into the person you were meant to be.

4. Dragonflies represent self-awareness

Dragonfly Pendant Really Represent

A dragonfly’s eye sees in 350-degrees, meaning that its vision is spectacular — beyond limitation. While we can’t physically see 360-degrees around us at all times, on a mental or spiritual level, we can.

We can look deeper into ourselves and examine who we are in entirety. That includes our actions, thoughts, emotions, values, and life goals. When we are able to widen our scope of understanding and see ourselves in 360-degrees, we take another step closer to acknowledging who we are and what our effect on the world is.

Improved self-awareness leads to less stress, more happiness, better relationships, broadened perspectives, and an overall sense of clarity.

Wearing a dragonfly pendant can remind you of the person you know you are, and inspire you to become the person you want to be.

5. Dragonflies represent strength and elegance

Dragonfly Pendant Really Represent

There are few creatures in the world that can fly as gracefully as dragonflies can.

As they flap their wings about 30 times per second, dragonflies can fly forwards and backwards at a rate of 35 mph, as well as drastically change their flight direction in the blink of an eye. They can fly upside down, spin, and dive better than any other insect, and make it look effortless.

For this reason, dragonflies are practically synonymous with strength, skill, and breathtaking elegance.

Wear a dragonfly pendant to inspire you to perfect your skills, or simply to remind you of the beauty of nature.

Dragonfly pendants are beautiful in so many ways, but it may take a bit of research to find that out.

Now that you know five values that a dragonfly pendant represents, wearing a dragonfly pendant, or gifting one to friends or family, will take on so much more meaning.

Through legends, tall-tales, and stories through the ages, humans have given so much meaning to dragonflies. And like our ancestors, we have the ability to create new meaning and tell new stories.

So, which meaning behind the dragonfly symbol speaks to you the most, and what do you believe dragonflies represent?

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