What Does Wearing a Cross Necklace Mean to You?

Wearing a Cross Necklace

A cross necklace can hold so much significance in so many different ways, depending on the person wearing it. It’s a symbol that has been popular for centuries, and continues to find its way into pop culture and media every day. 

Movie and sport stars, famous rappers, doctors, teachers, kids and adults; so many people wear cross necklaces, and each person finds their own meaning in the cross they wear. So, what does your cross necklace mean to you? 

1. You Like its Aesthetic 

Wearing a Cross Necklace

One of the popular reasons people wear cross necklaces is simply because they like the way the jewelry looks. Crosses, and other Christian imagery, can be a part of all sorts of fashion styles.  

Whether you’re religious or not, the physical appearance of your cross necklace is what originally drew you to it. For you, your cross necklace signifies beauty and visual appeal. 

2. You Believe it Protects You 

Wearing a Cross Necklace

For religious Christians, the cross is a powerful symbol. Whether it’s standing tall at the top of a church or hanging around your neck, the cross is often believed to protect people from bad luck, danger, and demons.  

The protective benefits of a cross necklace may be hearsay, but some people still find the symbol comforting. For you, your cross necklace makes you feel safe.  

3. It Identifies You as a Christian 

Wearing a Cross Necklace

The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. If you want to show off to the world that you’re a Christian, wearing a cross necklace is a great way to do so. A simple cross necklace front-and-center on your chest will tell everyone who looks at you that Christianity is important to you. 

For you, you wear a cross necklace to show the world who you are.  

4. It Reminds You of Your Faith 

Wearing a Cross Necklace

The most common times for crosses to be worn and gifted are religious holidays and special religious events: Christmas, Easter, Communion, Baptism, etc. The reason crosses are so popular at these times is because they represent a deep, powerful faith.  

When you wear your cross necklace, you are reminded of the love you feel for God. Your necklace brings you peace of mind in hard times.  

The reasons we wear cross necklaces are many, and can be very personal. No matter why you choose to wear a cross, wear it with confidence!   

What does a cross necklace mean to you?  It's entirely at your discretion.

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