When is Gifting a Cross Necklace Most Meaningful?

Cross Necklace
Cross Necklace

Best Time To  Gift A Cross Necklace

Cross necklaces are everywhere these days. The cross symbol has become such an ingrained part of our culture that it can be seen worn around the necks of people from all walks of life.

Rap artists and athletes often wear glittering crosses to award shows and other red carpet events. Cross necklaces are also a part of the daily fashions of all kinds of aesthetics from goth to grunge to prep.

School kids and the elderly can all enjoy the look of a cross necklace, making this piece of jewelry a great gift idea. But when is the most meaningful time to give someone a cross necklace?

If you have someone who you want to give a cross necklace to in mind, figure out if they’d wear their cross more as a trinket or for its religious significance.

Wearing the Cross as a Trinket

Cross Necklace

If the person you’re giving the cross necklace to is most likely to wear it simply for its aesthetic value, it’s best not to give it to them on a religious holiday. If you do, they may take this to mean two things:

1) you think they should be more religious, or 2) you think that they’re more religious than they actually are.

Either way, awkwardness could ensue. Instead, give this gift on a birthday, New Years, or even when you go out shopping together. Giving a cross necklace to someone who likes the aesthetic more than the religious significance of it in a casual, non-religious setting is a great way to show them you understand them and aren’t trying to push any of your own religious beliefs onto them.

Wearing a Cross for its Religious Significance

Cross Necklace

For someone who wants to wear a cross because of its connection to religion, it would be smart to give them their cross necklace on a religious holiday.

A cross necklace can represent faith in God, hope, and love. It is a blanket symbol for Christianity that all Christians can wear.

Since a cross necklace can have such a deep, spiritual meaning, it works great as a gift for communion, confirmation, baptism, Easter, and Christmas. For each of these holidays, a cross necklace would be a humbling, welcome gift.

However, cross necklaces can also be given on secular holidays, even for those who are religious. Giving a cross necklace to someone on their birthday or graduation is a great way to remind them of the great comfort and strength we can find in our faith as we grow older.

If you aren’t a religious person yourself, or aren’t Christian, giving a religious person the gift of a cross necklace will show them that you are accepting of their religion, and that you care about their interests. Getting that message across is essential in every strong relationship.

No matter why someone chooses to wear a cross necklace, there are always great occasions to give and receive one as a gift. And, no matter what your style, a cross necklace will look great with whatever you wear.

Cross necklaces are extremely versatile. If you think someone you know would appreciate a cross necklace, show them you care by giving them one on a special occasion. 

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