Why is Wearing a Cross a Powerful Statement?

Crosses are common as accessories and statement pieces these days amongst the religious and non-religious. They appear all across Western pop culture and are an extremely easy-to-recognize symbol.

With crosses appearing in horror movies and TV shows, and in popular fashion, the cross symbol itself can start to lose some of its meaning for the average person. Yet, for those whose faith is a big part of their lives, the cross remains an extremely powerful piece of imagery.

To them, wearing a cross around their neck is an important part of their life. But why is that?

  1. Commitment to Christianity

    The cross is the universal symbol for Christianity. There are all sorts of Christian symbolism, but none are as well-known as the cross. The cross represents love, hope, and happiness to so many people. It is one of the most powerful symbols in the world.

    For religious Christians, wearing a cross necklace is a way to show the world that they’re committed to their faith.

    Like a Jewish yamaka or a Muslim hijab, wearing a cross around the neck is an easy way to outwardly show what faith you follow. When wearing a cross, everyone who looks at you will know straight away that you believe in Christianity.

  2. Pride in Your Faith


    Some people like to keep their faith to themselves. To them, their faith is private. Their faith is between them and God and nobody else. Meanwhile, others take pride in their faith and want the world to know what they believe in.

    By wearing a cross, you are letting others see an important side of you that may not be obvious otherwise. And since the cross is such a well-known symbol, it can be a powerful tool for inspiring others. By seeing that you’re wearing a cross, others may become inspired to learn about Christianity.

  3. Fulfills Religious Obligation

    In some sects of Christianity, wearing a cross is a required part of being a religious Christian. Specifically, for the Oriental Orthodox church and Eastern Orthodox Church, all communicants must wear baptismal cross necklaces every day.

    Your necklace is a piece of jewelry, just like every other necklace you may have. Each piece of jewelry has meaning behind it, and a cross necklace is no different. So wear your necklace in a way that reflects who you are.

    Remember, there is power behind the cross!

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