Why Should You Donate Your Jewelry?

Donate Your Jewelry

Just like with clothing and furniture, jewelry can get old and go out of style. It’s an inevitable fact of life. While some jewelry may continue to have sentimental meaning to you throughout your life, those other pieces of jewelry that don’t get as much of your attention will end up sitting at the bottom of your jewelry box for years. 

Letting your jewelry pile up is a pathway to a tangled mess. So, instead of holding on to old jewelry that you never wear, give them a second life!

Donating jewelry is an easy way to both get rid of jewelry you don’t use, and make someone’s day at the same time. Remember the feeling you had when you first purchased that piece of jewelry? You can give that same feeling to someone else by simply giving your jewelry away.

Not only is donating your jewelry great for the person who receives your jewelry, it’s also great for the environment. Donation is a form of recycling. When you recycle your jewelry, a.k.a donate it, less precious metal will have to be extracted from ore in the earth.

This also means less greenhouse gas will be emitted, less energy will be used, and overall, less harm will come to the environment.

How Does Jewelry Donation Work?

These days, there are dozens of jewelry donation charities available to you who are more than willing to take old jewelry off your hands. If you’ve decided to give your jewelry a second chance, here are a few places that can help you get started:

1. Goodwill

Donate Your Jewelry

Founded in 1902 by the Methodist minister Reverend Edgar J. Helms, the goal of Goodwill has always been to give used items a second life. Donations are examined for quality, then put right back on the shelves for new people to get their hands on.

At Goodwill, you can donate anything from a bed frame to a car. If you have jewelry that you don’t use anymore, as long as the pieces aren’t soiled or broken, you can follow the steps for donation on the Goodwill website:
(1) Gather your stuff
(2) Check it over
(3) Go to goodwill!

2. I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation

If you have any costume or estate jewelry to donate but don’t have the time to look each piece over and repair or replace damaged parts, don’t worry! The I Have Wings Foundation is always accepting jewelry donations, no matter what the quality of the jewelry is.

The I Have Wings committee is charged with repairing, cleaning, and disinfecting all jewelry donations, so you don’t have to do it yourself. And, you can bet that your jewelry will be going to a good cause once you’ve dropped it off.

Each piece of jewelry you donate will be given to a woman with breast cancer, helping her feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. Plus, every donation is tax deductible.

3. Support Our Troops

Donate Your Jewelry

This charity focuses solely on supplying American troops and their families with the things they need. Through money, food, health care supplies, and jewelry donations, anyone can do their part in boosting the morale of our soldiers.

When you donate your jewelry to SOT, they ask you to include a card telling the jewelry’s story. Write down where you found the jewelry, where you wore it, who it belonged to, and any other personal details you want the future owner to know. That way, the story of your jewelry will never be forgotten.

SOT accepts only high quality items. For a list of jewelry SOT accepts, check their official website.

4. Dress for success

At Dress for Success, the economic independence and confidence of women is essential. Dress for Success works to help women find business attire that makes them feel confident and ready to get to work.

With the donations of career-appropriate apparel, including suits, handbags, shoes, and jewelry, Dress for Success will give a struggling woman the opportunity to find her footing in the business world and will empower her to start earning money.

5. Helping Hands of America Foundation

The Helping Hands of America Foundation reaches far and wide when it comes to threatening situations and human suffering. In the face of poverty, natural disasters, and other emergencies, Helping Hands takes initiative to give people in need the relief they deserve.

Helping Hands can only run with generous donations from people like you. Cars, boats, trucks, and more can all be donated, as well as clothing and jewelry.

This foundation likes to make life easier for everyone. So, they offer free pick-up of all donation items. When you donate to the Helping Hands of America Foundation, you not only don’t have to worry about throwing away your old jewelry, or trying to figure out how to sell it yourself. You don’t even have to worry about leaving home!

And, with the Foundation’s high ranking and great reliability, you can be confident that your donations are going to a good cause.

Donate Your Jewelry

So there you have it - 5 amazing charities where you can safely and sustainably donate your jewelry. If you’re on the fence about whether or not donating your jewelry is really for you, think about it this way, what will you get out of it?

When you donate your jewelry, you’ll get the knowledge that your donation helped someone in need. Someone else’s life will get a little bit better because of your decision to give away one of your old accessories.

Plus, you’ll be lightening the load of your jewelry box, so you can fill it back up again with newer pieces. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

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